Cultural Project
2016 Future Innovation Forum

2016.10.18 - 10.20
Seoul Innovation Park, City Hall of Seoul, Innovation Spots of Seoul
Innovation network forum sharing each experiences, knowledge, hopes and ideas about changing cities, individuals and communities, present and future, Asia and other continents gathered together.
With the theme of "Open Window to the Future", 4 sessions were consisted: [Innovation Ideas Opening the Window of the Future], [Wave of Change in the 4th Industrial Revolution], [Future of Community Collaboration], and on-site workshop [Imagine, Creativity, Implementation]. Through the assorted cases from in/out countries, the forum offers a discourse spaces to find solutions for public issues faced by Seoul and other large cities and discuss the changed perspectives towards the problems raised by citizen.  
2016 Future Innovation Forum
  • Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Co-Host: Seoul Innovation Center, OO Univ Lab, Dondaemun Rooftop Paradise DRP, Bibil Base, Seoul Walk
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc