Cultural Project
2017 Imagination Power Plant <Makers Thinking Hands>

2017.10.27 - 10.29
Sewoon Arcade
Imagination Power Plant is where masters, youth makers, and artists gather and collaborate to look into the urban and social problems.
In 2017, it operated the youth makers platform space called Sewoon 561.

The opening talk concert <Makers, Thinking Hands> introduced the diverse projects which solved the social problems of Seoul with new imagination and creativity, <T-LAB> exhibited the results of 'Arts change Seoul' which the technology of masters at Sewoon Arcade and the artistic ideas of youth makers were combined. <Imagination Attic> was the program which recalled the childhood imagination that became the motif of makers culture.
2017 Imagination Power Plant <Makers Thinking Hands>
  • Host: Seoul Goundation for Arts and Culture
  • Sponsorship: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Resident’s Association of Sewoon Arcade Block GA, Sewoon Arcade Merchants Council, 00 Univ Lab, Cheongwoon Electricity
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc