Cultural Project
2019 Jeongdong Culture Night

2019.10.25 - 26
The Whole Area of Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul (Stonewall Walkaway in Deoksugung)
Jeong-dong is the home of Korea’s modern history and early modern cultural heritage. The theme of 2019’s Jeong-dong Culture Night Festival is “Time Travel.” Pass through the gate of time by Daehanmun to travel back into the time of Enlightenment, the beginning of early modernity in Korea. Walk along the Stonewall Walkway to enjoy ‘Midnight Jeong-dong’ like the protagonist in the movie ‘Midnight in Paris.’

n the 1900s, Jeong-dong was equivalent to the early modern Itaewon where the modern Western culture was first introduced. It was known as the center of Hansung (old name of Seoul) where the traces of the political activities of King Gojong could be found in every corner. When night descends on the timehonored cultural heritages all over Jeong-dong, the gate of time opens to the time of Enlightenment.
2019 Jeongdong Culture Night
  • Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc