Cultural Project
Cheorwon Public Art Project <Conversion>

2015.01 - 12
Around Cheorwon County
<Conversion> is one of a public art demonstration project that represents community regeneration with art, of Arko.
It reinterprets the common image of Cheorwon, which reminds a dividing, and a millitary zone, into a currently living place of people.
The temple of light is a repository which stores the memory and time of Cheorwon by reconstructing them according to the present time. It also functions as an exhibition hall, making people see Cheorwon with the artistic way of view. And it is a point space that the residents of Cheorwon can communicate with each other through arts and culture. It suggests the wishes that the meaning of new memory, time, and peace will be made by regenerating the values, lives, significance beyond the dividing line of Cheorwon.
  • Host: Arts Council Korea, Government of Cheorwon County
  • Organizer: Siwall ENC Inc
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc