Empire of Dreams <René Magritte>

2006.12.20 - 2007.04.15
Seoul Museums of Art
The first and largest retrospective exhibition of René Magritte, one of the greatest masters of surrealism, was held in Korea.

Over 270 artworks and reference materials were displayed at the exhibit, including 120 paintings that show Magritte’s artistic world, photographs and films taken by the artist himself, as well as more than 150 pieces of his handwritten letters.
The exhibition drew even more attention because a Belgian exhibition space designer who specialized in Magritte exhibitions dealt with the curating and space design of the event, nearly 400,000 viewers attended the exhibition.
  • Host: Seoul Museum of Art, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Beigium, The Korean Economic Daily
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc, do ART co.Ltd