Cultural Project
Gyeonggi Millennium – A Thousand of Gyeonggi

Construction Site of Gyeonggi Complex Town
The year 2018 is the Millennium of naming Gyeonggi. In celebration of it, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation made the resident-participatory program which could show the blue print of next Millennium of GyeonggiDo. It took place in the construction site of Gyeonggi Complex Town. In a way of collecting people’s opinion, 4 hugh cubes were installed, and let people write their opinions about the 4 keywords(Nature and Environment, Art and Culture, Human, and Gyeonggi Complex Town) which represent the main value of next Millennium of Gyeonggi-Do, on the surface of the huge cube.
Gyeonggi Millennium – A Thousand of Gyeonggi
  • Host: GyeongGi Cultural Foundation
  • Organizer: GyeongGi Cultural Foundation
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc, Samgeori Inc.