Cultural Project
Museum Week

2020.08.14 - 23
Museums and Art Galleries in Korea
Expanding opportunities for cultural enjoyment for all citizen and promoting museums and galleries
2020 Museum Week featured diverse events highlighting diversity and inclusion, under the theme of ‘Museum for Equality’. The week runs 10 days with 4 major programs <Theme Tours: Museum & Gallery>, <Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion of Museum>, <Street Museum> and <Education Fair>

  • Overall planning and onsite operation of media art exhibition ‘Street Museum’
  • Supporting and managing education fairs in ‘Chungcheongbuk-do’ and ‘Gyeongsangbuk-do’
  • Promotional works
Museum Week
  • Host: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Organizer: The Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Korea, Siwall ENC Inc