Cultural Project
Public Art Project with Ideas of Citizen

2018.09 - 2019.05
Exhibition – 2019.04.22-05.11
Seoul City Hall
A public art project based on the stories about 3 designated places(Seoul Children’s Grand Park, Space under overpass of OksuStation, JungrangYongmaWaterfall Park). The project included story contest, process of implementing art work collaborating with curators and artists and exhibition.
  • Managing the contest for stories of citizen and nominating the artists
  • Workshop Proceeding with citizen, curator and artist
  • Model Production process, exhibition
  • Producing PR materials(poster, leaflet, promotion video, website, etc..)
Public Art Project with Ideas of Citizen
  • Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government(Design Polocy Division, Culture Headquarters)
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc