The Civilization of Turkey <Emperors in Istanbul>

2012.05.01 - 09.02 (Seoul)
Special Exhibition GalleryⅠ,Ⅱ(National Museum of Korea),

2012.10.09 - 2013.01.27 (Busan)
Special Exhibition Gallery (Busan Museum of Art)
The Civilization of Turkey <Emperors in Istanbul>
In celebration of the 55th anniversary of Korea-Turkey diplomatic relations, the National Museum of Korea proudly presents ‘The Civilizations of Turkey: Emperors in Istanbul’, the first large-scale exhibition held in Korea to examine the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.
The exhibition comprises a selection of approximately 150 objects from Turkey’s four leading museums: Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Tokapi Saray Museum, and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum‘The Civilizations of Turkey: Emperors in Istanbul’ enables visitors to witness the interesting cultural assimilations born of contact and conflicts between diverse cultures, sub-cultures, and traditions, and in turn, promote a deeper understanding of world history.
  • Organizer: National Museum of Korea, KBS, Busan Museum of Art
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc, KBS media