Cultural Project
Public Diplomacy Week

2019.10.24 - 26
Art Hall 1 and Oullim Square, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul

The Korea Foundation is proud to present the 2nd Public Diplomacy Week to enhance people's understanding of public diplomacy and introduce the latest trends and initiatives in related fields.

The three-day event brings together scholars, government officials, and journalists, and provides them with a platform to present their ideas, address challenges, and network with one another.
In contrast to the traditional concept of diplomacy as belonging to the realm of the government, public diplomacy is aimed at communicating with foreign publics. This includes activities that foster a friendly awareness of a country and enhance national interests by means of the nation's varied assets and attractions.
Public Diplomacy Week
  • Host: Korea Foundation(KF)
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc