Cultural Project
2014 International Arts Education Week

2014.05.18 - 05.24
Culture Station Seoul 284 and Major Domestic Cultural Spaces, Schools, etc.
Republic of Korea advanced the theme 'Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education' on November 2011, based on the successful management of '2010 International Arts Education Week' co-hosted by UNESCO and Korean government. The 'Seoul Agenda' was unanimously agreed in the 36th UNESCO General Conference held in Paris. This achievement led the fourth week of May, when the '2010 International Arts Education Week' was open, to be proclaimed as the 'International Arts Education Week.' Since then, each country has initiated different sorts of art education programs in the fourth week of May every year.
Those programs are open to every citizen to join and set the stage for timely discussions by experts on crucial issues of art education of the time. During the '2014 International Arts Education Week' from May 19 to 24, 303 programs were carried out throughout many regions of Korea, centered around 'Culture Station Seoul 284' Recovering from the national tragedy of the sunken ferry Sewol around a month before, '2014 International Arts Education Week' was aimed at reminding of one of the vital purposes of art education: it not only gives energy for wretched people to resurrect but also offers a room for them to sympathise with each other and comfort the sorrow.
2014 International Arts Education Week
  • Host: Minitsry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc, Seoul Wowbook Festival Organizing Committee