Edison, Science Experience Exhibition

2013.04.16 - 09.01
Special Exhibition GalleryⅠ,Ⅱ(Ulsan Museum)
Edison, Science Experience Exhibition
This exhibition is organized to give viewers a sense of the creative mind process and the life of Thomas Edison who brought a revolution to the lives of the people of the world.
With 400 major inventions of Edison such as light, sound, images and home supplies, this exhibition gives a snapshot of the history of phonograph, projector, radio and TV sets which were rooted from Edison and later developedThe main exhibits are Mazda Lamp which was invented after 1,500 times of failure and Tin foil, the world's first sound recording and replaying device and the exhibition will give visitors to experience and touch the scientific principles on hands. The visitors will actively learn the history by making themselves face to the designs of the age of industrialization of rapidly grown 20th century and cases of storytelling.
  • Organizer: Ulsan Museum, Charmsori Gramophone·Science Museum
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc