Since 1992, Korea Foundation hosted annual Korean Arts workshop for foreign curators to introduce Korean art and culture to the world and supported world’s prominent museums in operating Korean art galleries and Korea-related arts and culture programs. Organized to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Korea Foundation in the midst of rising interest in Korean Arts, the 2021 KF Assembly for Overseas Museums invited directors and curators of foreign museums to raise interest in Korean modern and contemporary art and provide them with an opportunity to visit major locations of Korean art, be exposed to Korean artworks, and engage in professional and social exchanges with their Korean counterparts.

Managing participants: VIP protocol, conducting quarantine activities for participants
· Program venue scouting, space planning and production
· Overall planning of touring programs
· Operation and management of offline events
· Archiving programs and photo/video recording
  • Host/Organizer : Korea Foundation
  • Operator : Siwall ENC Inc.