Kim Kwang-seok in My Heart <wkf tkfwl?>

2016.07.16 - 09.11
DDP Design Pathway (2-4F) and rest area
Kim Kwang-seok in My Heart <wkf tkfwl>
The last words left to us by Kim Kwang-seok have now become a message about hope, consolation, and the power of dreams.
With a very interesting title, featuring the letters "wkf tkfwl," the keyboard letters corresponding to the Korean characters that spell out the Korean phrase for "How have you been?", this exhibition fills a pitch black space with displays related to the songs of Kim Kwang-seok. These displays express to viewers the power of dreams and hope, while offering solace for their pain and loneliness. Kim’s songs are characterized by emotionally potent lyrics, warm vocal tones, and a sensitivity that seems to see right through our hearts. Through visualizations of Kim’s songs created by six artists, viewers come face-to-face with the Kim Kwang-seok who lives on in our hearts and will forever be a part of our love, longing, pain, and hope.
  • Organizer: Seoul Design Foundation, Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Society, Hakchon
  • Operator: Siwall ENC Inc